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ATM Services

Tennessee ATM Experts offer a variety of ATM solutions for businesses, organizations, and special events throughout the state of Tennessee.
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Tennessee ATM Experts is trusted state-wide by business owners who need reliable ATMs backed by second-to-none customer service. We’ve placed ATMs in sports arenas, restaurants, bars, fairgrounds, hotels and many more businesses who want to offer the convenience that an ATM can provide.

In addition to our free ATM placement service, Tennessee ATM Experts specializes in mobile ATM service. We combine state-of-the-art technology with superior service to provide ATM convenience to your special event.

From the time we set up our wireless ATM at your event, we take care of every aspect of the operation. We guarantee superior quality and customer satisfaction throughout your event. We even provide a dedicated customer service representative who is assigned exclusively to your event. They will be in charge of monitoring funds, watching for rare machine errors and ensuring everything runs as expected.

Benefits of choosing TN ATM Experts

Free Processing

24/7 Support

Free Shipping & Handling

Dedicated Account Reps

State of The Art Equipment

Lots of Revenue Sharing Options

ATM Processing

Tennessee ATM experts provide free ATM processing and placement services with each ATM we sell, lease, or finance.

Processing service includes

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Daily Cash Deposits

No more waiting days for your funds to be deposited back into your account. Tennessee ATM Experts will make sure your funds are deposited daily as it is withdrawn from your ATM.

Person examining a chart
Online Real Time Reporting

You will receive your own personal login so you can monitor your ATM via the web or a mobile app. See how much money remains in your machine as well as your surcharge revenue. This service is part of your free ATM placement.

ATM Placement

Are you a business owner interested in a turnkey ATM solution placed free of charge at your place of business?

Our no-cost full service ATM program includes

Free installation and upgrades

We do not charge to install or perform upgrades on your ATM.

Cash loading services

We provide all the necessary capital to ensure machines have cash on hand for your customers.

ATM monitoring and maintenance

We monitor your machine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure continuous operation.

Aggressive surcharge revenue share

We provide an aggressive surcharge revenue share to ensure a steady cash flow into your business.

Compensation Matrix

Although we can’t accurately predict the specific volume of your location, below is some data gathered from our existing locations with some estimations of what you can expect from your ATM. The number of transactions at our locations vary from a low of 100 to a high of over 300 per month, with an average withdrawal amount of $60. The information below provides an example of your earning potential based on surcharges, volume and term.

Average Surcharge

$3.00 Fee - $.50 to Location Owner

Low Volume
100 Transactions per Month @ $.50 per Transaction
Monthly Total


3 Year Total


High Volume
300 Transactions per Month @ $.50 per Transaction
Monthly Total


3 Year Total


High Surcharge

$4.00 Fee - $1.00 to Location Owner

Low Volume
100 Transactions per Month @ $1.00 per Transaction
Monthly Total


3 Year Total


High Volume
300 Transactions per Month @ $1.00 per Transaction
Monthly Total


3 Year Total


*estimates based on actual Tennessee ATM Experts locations, your numbers may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

Recent ATM industry reports related to North American ATM activity indicate the following:

  • There are over 10 billion transactions performed yearly, with more than a half a trillion dollars dispensed
  • Half of all adults in North America use ATMs on a regular basis
  • A typical ATM user will spend 20% – 25% more than a non-ATM user
  • Customers who use cash rather than their debit cards save you money in credit card processing fees

Customers who are unsure about their account balance usually shy away from trying to make purchases in fear of the embarrassment if their transaction is declined. Using our equipment, they can verify balances on checking, savings and credit cards for free. If they find available funds, they are able to pull that money from the ATM and spend it at your establishment.

If funds are not available in checking or credit card accounts, our ATM can in most cases perform a balance transfer from your customer’s savings account. The transfer feature makes additional funds available for withdrawal, leading to increased spending.

When you provide cash back services at your register, you are paying card processing fees on the total amount of the transaction, basically charging you for them to take out cash. With our ATM, you don’t have to worry about tying up your cash on cash back transactions.

If you opt to go with the free ATM placement option, set up costs you nothing. We pay for install, setup, cash loading and monitoring. All you have to do is sit back and take advantage of the benefits an ATM offers.

Upon setup, Tennessee ATM Experts will provide an analysis of your location to determine the best surcharge and maximum withdrawal amount for the machine at your location.

If you have a free placement payouts occur at the end of each month, along with a print out of all transactions that occurred during that period. If you purchase or lease, funds from Monday’s transactions will be available on Tuesday, Tuesday’s on Wednesday, & Thursday’s on Friday. Transactions occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are deposited on the following Monday via the Federal Reserve.

If you have a free placement you will have no expenses. If you purchase or lease an ATM you will need to pay a one-time charge for the ATM or your monthly lease payment. The ATM will require a data port and a standard electrical outlet. One roll of receipt paper is provided with the machine and typically lasts 5-6 months; additional rolls cost less than $10.

  • 80% of money withdrawn from mobile ATMs is spent at the event.
  • Vendor sales will increase, and those who do not accept credit cards will have the ability to sell more product.
  • Tennessee ATM Experts provides all operational responsibility. We set up the ATMs, stock them with cash, and monitor them throughout the event.
  • Wireless ATM’s can be put virtually anywhere at an event. We are not limited to the location of a phone line. We will make the ATM available in the most useful locations.